History of Indict Trans

Welcome! Indictrans.org previously is a platform for collabration for making the computer technology available to the people who are not comfortable with english. We aim at collecting all existing contributions, spreading the awareness about them, making the resources available,carrying out the translation work, developing software tools, localising world class educational software and popularising and proselytising the use of free software.While we shall encourage indigeneous software development too, a lot of legacy software in English can now be converted to Indian languages.This conversion is called “localization”.

What we mean by localization is illustrated in the following screenshots

What you see in the above screenshots for some system level program (like ‘nautilus’), some simple text editor program (like ‘gedit’). Next you see a Unicode editor (courtesy www.yudit.org) which we have localized , i.e. its interface has been made into Indian languages. Next you see a school level geometry program ‘Drgeo’ in several Indian languages.

Moving forward, it turns into information portal focus on home improvement.

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