Top 3 Reasons You Should Order Packaged Air Conditioning System

Many people are using air conditioners in their homes, and the selections for cooling systems are so vast. You can have a ductless system, central air or the simple window type air conditioner. Talking about central air, though many are already familiar with the coolness and comfort it brings not all of them have known that HVAC system has two types of system: split and packaged air conditioning system.

The Difference Between The Two AC System

We will assume that you do not know anything about the difference between the split air conditioning system and packaged air conditioning system so we will give you some visions about the two. In packaged air conditioning system, all the air conditioning unit part is working together while on the split system, there is an indoor and outdoor handler. The indoor handler consists of the evaporator coils and the fan while the compressor is the outdoor handler.

Depending on the budget and the cooling needs, an AC technician can install it for your house or office, but the thing is, when can you say that you need packaged air conditioning system? Below are some indicators that you need packaged air conditioning system:

  1. If Space Is Valuable

Sometimes we only have a small area in our office or homes and having an air conditioner will consume space especially if you will get the split air conditioning system. So, for those who have lesser space inside the house to accommodate air handler, then the packaged air conditioning system is an ideal choice for you since it can be put anywhere, even on the roof!

  1. If You Want Fast Maintenance Services

If all the major components of the air conditioner are already in one place, then it will save more time for the technician to do fast servicing since he will no longer need to transfer and shift to another place when doing checkups and inspection. The good air conditioning agency installer knows where they can install the system so that it will be accessible to them when they do their job of maintenance and checkups in the future.

  1. Need for A Quiet Place

Often air conditioner makes disturbing noise even if they are in good performing condition but if you want to get rid of the annoying noise, then you can pick the packaged air conditioning system. A lot of homeowners have benefited from having quieter homes with the packaged air conditioning system, but we are sure this may not be your sole factor when making a purchasing, but it is good to take it as another consideration.

In addition to that, a split air conditioning systems are also difficult and complicated to install compared to the packaged air conditioning system and any mismatched occurred here would bring damage to the system or cost higher bills consumption at the end of the month. Think about it, and you will appreciate the benefits you can have with the packaged air conditioning system. Find out more from aircon spare parts singapore.

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