Unmaintained Air conditioners Can Be Fatal For Our Health

It has becoming been a primary need for some places to have an air conditioner because of their climate. To be a responsible air conditioner owner, it is vital for us to be mindful of how we are going to maintain it properly. Otherwise, we can be at high risk of potential hazardous effects it will bring to our health and properties as well.

Here are some informative facts that an unmaintained air conditioner can be fatal for our health

1. Prone to Fire

A lot of air conditioner owner do not truly understand or had realized that an unmaintained air conditioner is prone to fire. It can able to catch alight because the dust particles that are already buildup are highly flammable. If we fail to monitor the maintenance of our air conditioner, we might overlook things that could be dangerous to our homes such as poor wiring or the wiring might have been eaten by parasites and insect thus cause short circuits from which a fire sparks. There are digital steps to reduce this risk of fire. However, the proper maintenance of the air conditioner at home is the very best solution for this.

2. Triggers Disease like Sinus, Asthma and Skin Irritation

If you can not maintain your air conditioner correctly, the dust particles, as well as the dirt will get into the vents of the air conditioner resulting in the release of this mess and dirt into the air the moment you switch the power on of your air conditioner. And those who already have asthma, sinus and skin illness will be at risk as their disease will worsen due to the spread of this dust particles. Furthermore, the unmaintained air conditioner will also give you throat irritation or worst cough.

3. Fungi and Bacterial Infections

If you do not clean or properly maintain your air conditioner that home, your air conditioner would become an ideal place in which bacteria and fungi multiply. And since, the air conditioner parts are often cool, dark and wet, these microbes could multiply fast into your home. When they are everywhere in your house in vast and volume, it will cause infection to you and your family’s health.

While it is true that some fungi are not a threat to our health but we can not ascertain that the fungi living in our air conditioner are not health-risk, so it is in our best interest if they are not there on our air conditioner to be safe.

4. Prolong Exposure Cause Serious Illness

Informative Studies shows that if we are exposed for too long to dusty and areas in which the rampant growth of bacteria and fungi hasn’t been addressed, we can get some serious disease like Legionnaires’ disease or Tuberculosis. These two said diseases are fatal to our health. The symptoms that you might be suffering from one of these diseases include a headache, chest pain, severe fever, and nausea. To recover back your sound health, a treatment from a professional health worker or physician is needed as soon as possible.

Maintaining our air conditioner at home is the key to avoid health problems and ensuring that the air conditioner efficiently. This way, we also secure that our home is safe. These informative hazardous effects on our health and possible damage to our properties are also the reason why it is best to get an aircon service company Malaysia.

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